Wings action is the wings of hope

Hope is spring bud, hope is flourishing sunrise, hope is the birds singing, hope is the strength of years, hope is the night of light, hope is distant lighthouse.

In the joy of spring, the season of laughter rolling, let us cast aside once tired, washed weathered the past, vibration happy wings, percussion drums passion, let fly freely over the heart, blue sky. Let us take a new look, with conviction, with a vision, with wisdom, like the eagle fighting the sky, like a dragon, like conquer the waves, with the youth and passion sweat watering fertile ground for years, every inch of the impending dawn .

Looking back, the late years, maybe ever your journey full of thorns, perhaps your sky was obscured by the haze of the sun. But please do not be discouraged, do not air properly, because it has become in the past, it has been a nail in the history of the iron posts, become a timeless truth. Now with confidence, smiling, with a 2015 spring peace and hope, courage courage to make their fortune. Do not be afraid anterior vast, not because once the failure and frustration away your wings to fly, and after the wind, you will see sprouting new shoots, after a thunderstorm, you will enjoy the most beautiful rainbow.

Cycle of the seasons, the dimensions of life, with several flowers, grass everywhere the new Yang. Xie flower several times, everywhere Jintao waves of grain. World vast, vast sea of clouds, regardless of when and where to encounter anything, as long as the heart full of hope, life is full of warmth and strength. Some people say, I chose forward in the hope that you can come to your mind to go, to see just how vast it; some people say, and I shall therefore select forward, is hoping to get out at the foot of the circle, to see exactly what the outside world is not the same. While everyone hopes is not the same, but they are their own hopes, I think it should be this is the hope of the value of charm.

No matter how the world grow old, we are her newborn child, tomorrow, we will challenge freshmen in the new season, the new opportunities in advance. The new season, we unload yesterday when the burden of traveling light, bathed Oasis passion to run posture, shine life. Make better yourself, find a better person years.

In the new journey, those clouds delay your trip, please let her drift away, before you start, you have to understand your coordinates, plan your route ahead you find the home of your dreams is good, you do not belong All forget, even if you have too much sadness, you have to bear the pain of a butterfly, to have the courage ton output capacity. Because, if you forget yesterday, you would have no way to reach tomorrow, let’s go all the way forward, arrived you want distance, arrival home of your dreams, you arrived at the other side of success, harvest their own return!